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ClickSold is specializing in delivering the highest-quality service to the real estate professionals, architects, interior designers, and renovators. We realize that your time is extremely valuable, so we’ll make sure all your needs are satisfied. 

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We offer the highest quality real estate photography services and are commited to delivering the best results possible!

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We are located in center of the city of Calgary for your convenience!

Services We Offer

Real Estate and Rental Agents Calgary Real Estate Photography

It’s crucial to have high quality photography to capture attention of a person looking to buy or rent a property. Whether you are selling a house or listing your basement at AirBnB, hiring a professional photographer will benefit you tremendously.

ClickSold always makes sure your property looks its best using our own tools and techniques, such as HDR photography and virtual staging services. In order to make sure you are satisfied with our Calgary real estate photography service, we also offer floorplan and measurement services to meet your needs.

Builder and Commercial Real Estate Photography

If your project is bigger than a regular real estate or rental  listing, you should look into our commercial professional real estate photography services. ClickSold Calgary real estate photography will make sure all requirements are met and exceeded. Each photoshoot will be followed by professional photo editing, color balancing, and retouching in order to represent your property in its best light.

Twilight Real Estate Photography

Twilight photography has been getting incredibly popular among Calgary real estate agents. A photo of the property exterior taken during the dusk, also known as twilight photo, does great when showcasing property and pool lighting, and small features like fire pits. Twilight real estate photos attract customers’ attention as they look different. 


Tony Cardello

General Manager

I’ve worked with ClickSold to sell my house a few months back and the experience was fantastic. Easily the best prices in the city! 

Barbara Case

Business Agent

I was interested in twilight real estate photography and couldn’t find the right agency for that. My friends told me the photos end up being just majestic. That’s when I’ve stumbled upon ClickSold. After the consultation, everything was done in a matter of days and I had all the photos in my inbox. Recommend to everyone! 

Cladir Donn

Real Estate Agent

I hate all the headache that comes with selling a house. Luckily, there are services like ClickSold. Greg consulted me and explained why photography is so important when selling a property. Give the guy a raise! 

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