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Your property comes to life through our lenses! HDR photos of your home are delivered within 24 hours. We understand that time is essential in the real estate business. Our services go beyond traditional photography. We offer video, aerial shots, and even 3D measurements. It will help to showcase your property in the most captivating way. We pride ourselves on our exceptional, high-quality services. Whether you need virtual staging, drone videography, or precise measurements, we’ve got you covered. Our pricing is transparent, and booking is a breeze. We use cutting-edge technology to provide an immersive virtual experience. It makes your property stand out. Our team is not just about snapping footage. We meet your expectations. Responsive and dedicated, we highly recommend our services for a seamless experience. Regarding real estate visuals, we don’t just capture moments. We create impact! Your property, our lenses – a perfect match!

Want To Sell Your Property And Need the Best Real Estate Photographer Or Video Editor In Calgary?

Instead of staging open houses and other time-consuming activities to sell your home or rent it out, why not try taking the new-school route and hiring a photographer who specializes in real estate?

You can skip the staging for open houses and create a virtual home tour instead. This innovative method can filter people for you. You meet in person and cross out all the buyers who cannot make up their minds. That process leaves you with the most likely buyers. This new virtual method is innovative. It helps to attract more potential buyers without the hassle.

Not Just for Selling Homes!

Our service is not just for selling your home. Some people want to see detailed photos. That is where ClickSold comes in! Our high-quality and detailed photos make it easier for people to post their rental and Airbnb properties that can convert into passive income!
How Does Real Estate Photography Work?

It's pretty straightforward.

Companies like ClickSold can help you take stunning photos of the assets you are selling. The company ensures we shoot high-quality images of every feature that buyers want to see like they are having a real-life tour around the house.
ClickSold can create the ultimate virtual tour of your property. It guarantees a faster turnaround. Our tours are one of the most innovative but underused techniques. Potential customers find it very interesting.
So, instead of relying on open houses to sell your assets, choose ClickSold photographers. We work fast and ensure we take the photos that sell your house quickly without depreciating its value!

For Online Booking

If you want to sell your home and try our innovative and reliable service, we are just one call away!


Why ClickSold?

ClickSold delivers the highest-quality service to professionals, architects, interior designers, and renovators. We realize your time is extremely valuable. So we’ll ensure all your needs are satisfied.
When you choose ClickSold, we’re taking on all the difficult tasks so that you don’t need to move a muscle!! We will take care of staging your home by taking high-quality images. It’s all a part of our great customer service.
ClickSold is all about RESULTS and customer satisfaction as a relatively new company in a relatively new industry. We are proud to say that we have worked with many happy clients!

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You Can't Go Wrong With Us

We offer the highest quality services. We are also committed to delivering the excellent results possible!
Currently, people rely on technology in almost everything they do, including looking for homes to buy. ,So ClickSold decided to take advantage of technology. In the past, selling homes relied mostly on staging elaborate open houses, which can cost money without the guarantee of potential buyers putting offers on the assets you are selling.
We ensure we follow your instructions and take pictures of the features of your home. We are a group of friendly professionals. We are willing to commit to exceptional quality work to sell your home fast! The goal is to help you sell quickly. Whether you are a seller or an agent, working with a company like ClickSold increases your chances of making a sale without all the extra costs of traditional home selling!
Plus, some clients are impressed by the technology. Taking HDR photos of your home to create virtual tours will make consultants and home sellers appear more legitimate and reliable to the new generation of home buyers. The key is to look good with high quality to get the highest offers, allowing you to make a significant profit on your investment quickly!

Innovation at its Finest!

Times have changed. Especially when fulfilling buyers’ needs. But our service is designed to take selling properties to an entirely different level. We can create detailed photos to draw customers’ attention, which benefits the buyer and the seller equally. Not all property owners like to meet with people unlikely to purchase a home in the current market. Even some purchasers are hesitant to visit a place with no idea what to expect.
Let potential buyers know what to expect without the hassle. The company was established in March 2017. It helps to make home selling more convenient for buyers and sellers. We knew we were ahead of our time when we had the vision. In 2021, our service became more relevant than ever!

The Perfect Location

We are located in center of the city of Calgary for your convenience! Our convenient location says it all, and it makes it easier for customers to access their collection of high-quality photos. And even if you cannot visit our location, we can send you high-quality images using the cloud and email services to make sure the quality does not decrease! Right after visiting our offices, you can always take a walk in the center of Calgary to enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful city! You can make it a trip, or contact us online —whichever way, it is easy to reach us!

The Services We Offer

Our services are very straightforward and top notch. We take high-quality images of the assets you want to sell! We can create virtual open houses for the convenience of buyers and sellers. The technology allows them to take a detailed tour of properties in the comfort of their own homes.

Photography for Real Estate and Rental Agents

It's crucial to have high-quality photos to capture the attention of a person looking to buy or rent an asset. Whether selling a house or listing your basement on Airbnb, hiring a professional photographer will benefit you tremendously.

Builder and CommeBuilder and Commercial Real Estate Photographycial Real Estate Photography

If your project is bigger than a regular rental listing, you should look into our commercial professional real estate photography services. ClickSold real estate photography will ensure all your requirements are met and exceeded. Each photo shoot will be followed by professional photo editing, colour balancing, and retouching to present your assets in their best light.

Twilight Real Estate Photography​

Since Twilight photography has become incredibly popular among real estate agents, we are open to taking photos at this time-- a photo of the property exterior taken at dusk. It is also known as a twilight photo. It does great showcasing assets like pool lighting and other small features such as fire pits. Twilight real estate photos attract customers' attention because they look stunning!

HDR Photos for a Good Price That Converts!

In this digital world we are living in, high-resolution is the key to success. Whether you are posting a listing or trying to sell your property, most customers always go listings that are made professionally. It gives out an impression of professionalism, commitment, and trustworthiness.
Our team of professional photographers will do all the work for you, making your listing and property look better on the internet. Virtually staging is the way to success in this digital world where quality is everything—so take advantage of our services now!

How it Works

All you need to do is contact us and schedule a photoshoot, give our team special instructions or let us do what we do best, and wait for your high-quality photos to be emailed to you!

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Our professional photography company is known for top quality and service. We offer excellent features to Calgary’s real estate industry.
We provide professional home HDR photos in 24 hours. Ensuring punctuality and efficiency to meet your marketing needs.
As a full-service agency, we excel in drone photography, Matterport virtual tours, and insured measurements, capturing the attention of local and group showings.
Clients are extremely pleased with the results and professionalism of our photographers. They would highly recommend us for commercial photographs and marketing solutions. We are experts who measure up! They tell us to keep up the great work.
Our company knows how to showcase properties, ensuring the possible marketing outcome. We help our clients succeed in the competitive Calgary real estate market.
Our Ltd. offers comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that encompass everything from capturing stunning photos to providing top-quality service, ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients.
Our commitment to being the best photographers in the industry is reflected in the consistent delivery of top-notch photos. Our emphasis on quality and service sets us apart. It makes us the preferred choice for real estate marketing.